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Chicago construction accident attorneys at Ronaldson & Kuchler know that construction work is difficult and dangerous. Accidents can happen quickly, and injuries can have a permanent impact. Injured construction workers may be unable to return to the job site for months, years or may have to give up working forever. We have a well-earned reputation throughout Chicago for being hard-working, honest lawyers that deliver results. We will fight for your compensation. Such settlements and verdicts serve a vital role for people injured in construction accidents. This money enables injury victims and their families to continue to live their lives with dignity and without fear of financial ruin.

We’re familiar with the top 5 causes of construction accidents as well as common construction accidents. We also realize that no two accidents are alike, which is why we never make assumptions about your accident. We take the time to listen to you and find out exactly what happened.

Gathering evidence is critical to any successful construction accident investigation. The more information you have, the stronger your case. We routinely visit the scene of construction accidents, analyze inspection reports, verify license records and consult with experts. We’re willing to take the necessary steps to obtain justice for clients.

Discover what a construction accident attorney in Chicago can do for you

With many subcontractors working at one site, an accident can create a complex personal injury claim. If your construction accident was caused by a party other than your employer, you may be dealing with a third party construction accident. Depending on your circumstances, we can help you pursue compensation for pain and suffering and other losses that go beyond a typical workers compensation claim.

If your accident was caused by a co-worker or an error made by your company, you can pursue benefits through workers compensation. Even with a straightforward work accident claim, you may need an attorney.

Considering filing a construction accident lawsuit in Chicago? Contact us

Our mission is simple: to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve. We will work tirelessly for you. If necessary, we can help you file a construction accident lawsuit in Chicago if we believe that’s the best way to get you the money you rightfully deserve.

Common Construction Accidents

We know how devastating construction accidents can be in Chicago and throughout Illinois. After all, construction workers have a highly dangerous job. All it takes is one small mistake to cause a serious Chicago construction accident. These accidents often result in a variety of common construction injuries that typically are catastrophic and sometimes even fatal.

In 2011, a total of 738 people died in construction accidents nationwide, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Labor. What’s more, four particular kinds of construction accidents accounted for 56 percent of all construction accident deaths. That’s 419 construction fatalities.

These so-called “fatal four” construction accidents include:

  • Falls from a height: 259 deaths
  • Struck by an object: 73 deaths
  • Electrocution: 69 deaths
  • Caught in/between: 18 deaths

What are the common causes of construction accidents?

Some of the “fatal four” construction accidents are the same as the top 5 causes of construction accidents, but there are subtle differences. And it’s important to know the risks construction workers face in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

  • Falls from a height – Scaffolding collapses and crane accidents often result in tragic falls. But it’s important to realize why such accidents happen. In some cases, some contractors try to cut corners and ignore safety precautions on site. Contractors might fail to make sure scaffolding is erected correctly to avoid a scaffolding collapse. To reduce the risk of falling accidents, workers must use harnesses and other safety devices when working on high places. Workers can request to see inspection records to make sure scaffolding and other equipment is safe.
  • Struck by an object – These accidents can happen for a wide range of reasons: careless forklift operators, debris falling off scaffolding, untrained workers dropping objects. Whatever the reason, construction workers or pedestrians struck by an object should seek immediate medical attention. Remember to always wear a hard hat when working on site or visiting a site.
  • Electrocutions – Electrocution accidents don’t just happen to electricians. Anyone working at a construction site can easily be electrocuted. If you see any loose wires or sparking wires, report them to a supervisor. And always observe all “High Voltage” posted signs.
  • Caught in/between accidents – Someone can easily get caught in machinery or between machines on a construction site. There often are many people operating different pieces of equipment at the same time. That’s why it’s important to not walk in between machines if you can’t see operators of the equipment. And make sure the people working on the site are qualified to operate such machines. If you have any doubt, request a copy of their license to operate a crane or forklift or whatever piece of equipment they are operating.

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Common Construction Injuries

We are familiar with the most common construction accident injuries in Chicago and throughout Illinois. As experienced attorneys, we know that accidents on construction sites can lead to any number of injuries.

If you or a loved one was injured, you might not be sure how to proceed. Should you hire an attorney or file a claim on your own? Knowing what to do after a construction injury can be very difficult, especially if your employer insists that you don’t need a lawyer to handle your construction accident injury. Don’t be so sure. Often, employers and insurance companies want to keep payments to a minimum. That means you might not receive enough money to cover the true cost of your construction accident injury.

That’s not fair, and it’s a big reason why we fight hard to protect the rights of victims of construction accidents in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Here are some of the most common construction accident injuries we handle at Ronaldson & Kuchler.

Broken Bones: Chicago construction accidents often result in broken arms, legs, fingers and other body parts. These types of injuries can result in weeks or even months of being out of work. Workers comp insurance should cover the cost of such injuries. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Instead, many construction workers suffer financially because the amount they receive in workers compensation benefits fall far short of medical expenses and lost income.

Construction workers suffer broken bones for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Forklift accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Scaffolding collapses

Traumatic Brain Injury: Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur when someone receives a sharp, sudden blow to the head. Construction workers who sustain a TBI might not be able to work ever again, especially if they sustain serious brain damage. Falls from a height and crane accidents are two of the most common causes of construction accidents that result in a traumatic brain injury.

The long-term financial impact of a traumatic brain injury can be significant. These include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Physical therapy
  • 24-hour nursing care

But there’s no price you can put on the emotional and psychological impact of a loved one sustaining a serious traumatic brain injury. The injury can affect your relationship with your spouse and your children. Your quality of life can be destroyed.

Spinal Cord Injury: Spinal cord injuries caused by construction accidents happen fast, but the effects can last a lifetime. Construction sites can be chaotic places, often with several different companies all working at same site at the same time. All it takes is one false move by one careless construction worker to cause a serious spinal cord injury.

What matters is what you do legally after your spinal cord injury. The actions you or your family take immediately after your spinal cord injury could make a dramatic difference for the rest of your lives. Insurance companies might make an unreasonable offer. You might be tempted to accept the money, but you could be denying your family the compensation they need.

Paralysis: Paralysis is one of the most severe types of spinal cord injuries we deal with at Ronaldson & Kuchler. When a construction worker loses the use of his or her hands, legs or lower body, the impact on that worker’s family can be significant.

It’s not only the financial impact of a construction worker not being able to work ever again. It’s the emotional and psychological toll such injuries can sometimes have on families. There are several different types of paralysis. They include:

  • Quadriplegia – Someone who has lost the use of her arms and legs. Quadriplegia occurs when a spinal cord injury takes place above the first thoracic vertebra. This form of paralysis can also affect a person’s ability to breath.
  • Paraplegia – A form of paralysis in which the person has full use of his arms and hands. Paraplegia occurs when a spinal cord injury takes place below the first thoracic spinal nerve. Degrees of paraplegia can vary, from people who have partial use of their legs to complete paralysis of the legs.

Repetitive Strain Injury: Certain construction jobs require workers to perform the same tasks for hours at a time. Sometimes, repetitive work can result in serious, long-term injuries to a person’s muscles or joints. These construction accident injuries are known as repetitive stress injuries or repetitive strain injuries. Another term commonly used to describe such injuries is occupational overuse syndrome.

Construction workers operating heavy machinery and drills are most susceptible to suffering repetitive stress injuries. It can be difficult for a worker to prove that the injury was a result of the job. With an experienced Chicago construction accident lawyer on your side, you have a better chance of getting the results you need and deserve.

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How can a construction accident lawyer help me?

At Ronaldson & Kuchler, we are committed to helping injury victims and families who lost loved ones get the compensation they deserve. While you can pursue a construction accident claim without an attorney, you may get more compensation and benefits with the help of a legal professional. You also may get more peace of mind by having a construction accident lawyer cutting through the red tape and poring over the paperwork that doesn’t seem to end.

Have your doubts? Here’s how a Chicago construction accident lawyer can help you.

Our Chicago construction accident attorneys only work for you

Construction accidents typically involve several different companies. That’s because there are often so many different contractors and subcontractors working at the same place at the same time. Your employer and their insurance company will likely have individual attorneys working for them to protect their interests after your accident. Why not have someone on your side?

We can handle your paperwork

Construction accidents often involve a lot of paperwork. There are accident reports, insurance forms and a wide range of other documents. Each one of these documents needs to be filled out carefully. Any errors could jeopardize your ability to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. We can help fill out your forms and make sure your information is accurately reported. Allow us to put our knowledge to work for you.

We understand the legal system

From OSHA regulations to Illinois workers’ compensation system, we know what state and federal laws apply to various accidents. Allow us to put our knowledge to work for you.

We can help you file a lawsuit

Deciding whether to file a construction accident lawsuit in Chicago or wherever your accident took place in Illinois is a big decision. While most cases settle, litigation may be necessary in a construction accident dispute. We can help you with our options. We represent victims of construction accidents in Chicago, Frankfort, IL, Manhattan, IL and other places throughout Cook County and Will County, IL. We want what’s best for you.

We only get paid if you win

You don’t have to worry about whether you can afford to hire a construction accident lawyer in Chicago. That’s because we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you only pay fees if we win.

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Insurance Companies and Construction Accidents

Getting compensation after a serious construction accident in Illinois is not an easy process.  One of the reasons is many insurance companies strive to keep payments to a minimum and will typically offer an unreasonable settlement or even try to deny the claim.

By law, people injured on the job are eligible for workers compensation benefits. So how can insurance companies deny benefits for people injured while working at a construction site? Sometimes, insurance companies try to claim that the worker is not hurt or sustained his or her injury while off duty. Other times, insurance companies dispute the severity of the injury.

By doing so, many insurance companies try to reduce how much they pay to injured construction workers. In some cases, some insurance companies even go so far as to try to outright deny paying injured workers.

Should I be suspicious of insurance companies after my construction accident?

Insurance companies can be unfair to injured workers. It’s wrong, and it’s one of the big reasons why we fight so hard for injured construction workers. We believe that people should be fairly compensated for their injuries. An accident on the job should not financially destroy you.

You deserve fair compensation, but your case is also about protecting others. By taking aggressive action against the insurance companies, you will send a message that putting profits before people will not be tolerated.

When you hire us, our Chicago construction accident law firm can take care of the following for you:

  • Carefully investigate your construction accident
  • Fill out any forms or paperwork related to your accident
  • Gather evidence to build a strong legal case
  • Negotiate with insurance companies
  • Fight for higher verdicts or settlements

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What is a third party construction accident?

If someone other than the worker’s employer caused the injury, that worker might be able to pursue a third party claim. Accidents involving third parties, however, are among the most complicated injuries we deal with at our law firm. Even knowing whether you can or should file a third party construction accident lawsuit in Chicago is a difficult question. That’s why we take the time to meet with injury victims and help them decide the right course of action.

Several subcontractors often work at the same time at one construction site. If a subcontractor causes an accident, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against that party. A third-party claim allows you to pursue additional compensation for pain and suffering and other damages that may be a result of a serious construction accident.

How can a Chicago third party construction accident lawyer help me?

In addition to subcontractors, other possible third parties who may be liable in an accident include:

  • Product manufacturer
  • Building engineer
  • Delivery truck driver

Don’t simply assume that you have no way to be compensated because the person who caused your injury does not work for your company. Explore all your legal options. Contact us today. Call (312) 425-2600 and schedule a free case evaluation.